To inculcate the essence of Indian Culture in young minds and   to develop them into men and women with  outstanding character and achievement.


Transforming Human Minds to enable them to understand the Essence of Life.


To give maximum happiness to maximum people for maximum time.

Welcome to Chinmaya Vidyalaya, South Park, Jamshedpur 

Hari Om! We greet each other with the word “Hari Om “. This is to see the divinity inherent in each one of us. We welcome you to Chinmaya Vidyalaya, SouthPark, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. There are schools and schools, but not many like Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Jamshedpur. The Vidyalaya which took its inspiration from the noble ideas of Swami Chinmayanandaji, founder of the Chinmaya Mission Worldwide, began in a small way. Since then, the school has grown from-strength to strength.The school was taken over by Chinmaya Mission Jamshedpur from Tata Steel in April 2001. The school is being run in the same pattern as all the Chinmaya Vidyalayas in the country. When we took over the school from Tata Steel there were 17 rooms and classes till Std. V only. Now there are 44 rooms and classes are from Kg to Std XII. We have number of Co-curricular Activities like Music, Arts, Cricket, Yoga, Foot Ball, and Archery. Our children are taking part in various Inter School Competitions. We are observing all Indianfestivals in Traditional Indian Style. We give a practical & judiciouscombination of academic excellence, extra curricular activities, character buildingand personality development.Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Jamshedpur is not just a school; it is a family. Each child is given individual attention, just as they would get at home. At the Vidyalaya, all the needs of the child are met with understanding and appropriate care, be it physical, emotional, intellectual orspiritual.

Latest Updates [2020-21]


Principal's Desk

A Message from our Principal

Hari Om,

Swami Chinmayananda said '"A child's mind is not a vessel to be filled, it is a lamp to be lit.""

True knowledge enlightens one's life. We strive to enkindle the lamp of knowledge in the child's mind and we seek your help in this effort.

We are sure you will support us in our journey.